Our company is owned by William L. Evans (Bill) and R. Paul Evans (Paul) who represent the third generation of ownership of the company by the Evans family. The company originally started in 1916 when Bill and Paul's Great-Great Uncles John Landis and Doc Leslie started a small pre-cast concrete company in the basement of one if their homes located in the small village of Bareville, PA. Initially the two started manufacturing concrete block, bird baths, flower pots, and other small concrete products mostly related to the building industry. Concrete block became the company's primary product and many of the homes built in Lancaster and surrounding counties during this time period used the block for foundations. The company continued to grow during the 1920's and 1930's and relocated to the site of our Leola plant. The company was named Bareville Concrete Products.

Prior to WWII, the company began manufacturing concrete burial vaults which was a new product in the United States. As the need for burial vaults grew in response to more modernized cemeteries, the company began to focus its efforts on this new market area. During WWII with the collapse of the building industry, the company began to recognize burial vaults as its core business area.

LeRoy "Doc" Leslie

LeRoy L. Evans Sr.

John Landis

In 1950, Bill and Paul's grandfather LeRoy L. Evans, Sr. (Pop-Pop) purchased the company from his Uncles. During the 1950's the burial vault business expanded and in 1962 Bill and Paul's fathers LeRoy L. Evans Jr. and Robert L. Evans (Bob) purchased the company. Under the Leadership of the two brothers the company continued to grow and expand in the funeral services area over the next 25 years with the following major accomplishments:
  • 1976 the company acquired the franchise rights to manufacture and distribute Eagle Burial vault products
  • 1985 purchase of the Shade Burial Vault Company in Harrisburg, PA
  • 1990 crematory operations began at the Leola Plant

During this time period, Bill slowly began to develop a management role in the company and eventually become part owner of the company with his Uncle Bob. In 1998, Paul purchased his father's share of the company. During the next number of years the company continued to grow with a number of acquisitions of small companies as follows:

Robert L. Evans (Bob) & LeRoy L. Evans Jr.
  • 2004 purchased the Con-O-lite Burial Vault Crematory Company
  • 2004 acquired the Doric franchise rights to manufacture and distribute Doric burial vault products
  • 2007 purchased the Central-Penn Wilbert Vault Company
  • 2007 acquired the Wilbert franchise rights to manufacture and distribute Wilbert burial vault products
  • 2009 acquired the Chambersburg Burial Vault Company
  • 2015 acquired the Gettysburg Burial Vault Company
  • 2017 acquired the Mason-Dixon Vault Company

Today, the company has a mix of 2nd generation, 3rd generation, and 4th generation family members still involved in the business ranging in ages from 85 (Bob) to Bill's son Shane and daughter Allison who are in their 30's. Our family remains committed to the ownership of this company to service the needs of our clients and maintaining their trust in the future.

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