Statuary Galvanized Steel 7 Gauge

The protection of metal enhanced by Clark's exclusive galvanizing process. All in a classic silver finish.

The galvanizing process adds a zinc coating that more than doubles the life of the steel.

All Enhanced Series Vaults offer:

  • An extra measure of protection with a choice of two metals: Aluminum and Galvanized Steel.
  • Galvanized steel, available in three non-porous metal thicknesses - 7 gauge, 10 gauge and 12 gauge - doubles the life of the vaults.
    • You find this type of more durable galvanizing in guardrails, highway sign frames and posts, and light posts.
  • The natural properties of premium quality aluminum protects caskets from the elements for generations.
    • Available in 1/8 inch thickness, series 5052 aluminum is commonly used in boat hulls, hydraulic tubing and appliances.

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